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Welcome to Jörd! This wiki is about the fictional world contained within The Path, a fantasy novel.

The Planet

Jörd is a planet in an alternate universe. It orbits a young, bright star in a lively galaxy. Seven continents float in a deep sea flourishing with marine life. The continents themselves host a wide variety of flora and fauna, and even several intelligent bipedal species. The primary species or races at the time of The Path are the Utlaegr, the Humans, and the Pale Elves. These species share the same lands and their cultures sometimes mingle in strange ways. One thing is almost constant however; war and conflict are almost omnipresent, and shape the lives of each race accordingly. Two moons orbit the planet and provide complex tides and an abundance of storms and weather disturbances. The planet is capped at each end by an icy geographic pole, yet it’s magnetic pole is tilted by almost 60 degrees, some believe it is due to a sea of strange, heavy liquid, somewhere deep inside the crust. An ice age has occured only once in the planet’s past, and is the reason for the different species having spread across the landmasses. Shortly before the ice age, a giant meteorite is believed to have slammed into the earth, causing megatsunamis and supervolcanoes to coat the earth with ash and reduce the coasts to rubble. The intelligent species today did not exist at the time, and some were believed to have hitched a ride on the rock to get here. Due to the nature of the planet’s origin (it careened through the black hole of a dying star and crossed into this universe) rends in the fabric of space-time to create portals through which strange energies flow. If one were to manage to cross one of these portals intact, he would find himself on another realm, billions of light-years away. This would be a random planet, as the energy flux of the portals attune them to different planets in the universe. Beings of immense power are thought to have glimpsed our realm through these strange tunnels, and some are even believed to have crossed over, leading to cults dedicated to their worship. These cults are concentrated around the equator, where temperatures peak at 60 degrees celcius and the tropical forests abound. The colder climates of the northern and southern extremities of the planet dip as low as -85 degrees celcius, but normally roam around -60. The atmospheric pressure is higher than that of earth’s, and it’s gravity is 1.5 times stronger. 

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